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Toy Cavoodle Puppies Home ” When I started talking to other breeders, I was introduced to a wonderful mentor. After devoting a couple of years to research and education, I was finally prepared to get started. Both the training and the genetic aspects of breeding are areas that really pique my interest. I have a background in education, and now I enjoy putting those talents to use by training and educating my Toy Cavoodle puppies. I get such joy from watching my puppies develop and learn new things. I wanted to make sure that the Toy Cavoodle puppies I raised were happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. I also wanted them to be as low-shedding as possible, as clever as possible, as loyal as possible, and have lovely temperaments.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was our first breed. They exceeded all of my expectations in every way. After that, I found that I loved them more and more, and I made the decision to incorporate them into our schedule as well. Both of these breeds are of extremely high quality. As a result of my desire to provide our Toy Cavoodle puppies with the most advantageous beginning to their lives, I designed our protocol to take into account my objectives. Both our protocol and our Toy Cavoodle puppies are sources of great pride for me.
We are fortunate to call the lovely city of Karama, where we reside, our home, and we adore being outside. We really enjoy being outside and going trekking, as well as spending time at the lake and in the mountains. We are blessed with three beautiful children. Breeding is what I do full-time, and because of that, I am able to give our Toy Cavoodle puppies the entire benefit of my time and attention. My spouse is self-employed and works from home. Taking care of the puppies is a group effort for all of us. Before I got into the breeding business, I worked as an educator. I taught elementary and middle school, and I also coached volleyball and basketball.

Meet our partner breeder!

Teresa is an incredible breeder that works with us. Our goal is to never have more than two litters of Toy Cavoodle puppies at once so that we may devote as much time and care as we can to each and every one of them. It is not possible to train multiple litters at the same time like we do because there is not enough space. In order for us to continue providing the highest-quality Toy Cavoodle puppies on the market, we decided to bring Teresa on as a partner breeder so that she could assist us in raising litters. To ensure that our Toy Cavoodle puppies are as healthy and well-adjusted as they can be, we collaborate very closely with one another. The cultivation of happy, well-adjusted puppies is one of Teresa’s lifelong goals. It is clear that she takes great pleasure in her work. She never stops educating herself and stays up to date on the subject by listening to the newest breeding podcast. She goes above and beyond, even getting up in the middle of the night while crate training the puppies to let them out to potty, and then putting them back in their crates so they can continue sleeping through the night after they’ve finished. Teresa adheres to the requirements outlined in our program. She is very well organized, and her home is always spotless. In addition to that, she has an incredible arrangement for her newborn puppy space as well as her puppy play room. We are indebted to Teresa for her erudition as well as the assistance that she contributes to our program. She is devoted to her three pets and does everything she can to make them happy. On her website, you can follow her updates. I can assure you that you will find her to be just as impressive as we do! Toy Cavoodle Home is still the sole owner of all dogs and puppies; it is also the only establishment through which they are sold and guaranteed. Additionally, it will be indicated in our litter details which litter Teresa will be in charge of nurturing.

Our unique approach to breeding

🐾Not a Kennel

🐾Raised in home

🐾Health-Tested Dogs

Our goal is to raise healthy, friendly, and wonderful family pets. Every Cavoodle puppy we have grows up in a house with a family. Please note that we are not kennels and that we value quality over numbers. We play with and spend a lot of time with our Cavoodle puppies, which would not be possible if we had too many litters at once. Some breeders keep their puppies in a barn or shed, but we don’t. We don’t have a lot of pups. We’re also very open, and every day we post pictures, videos, and live videos on Instagram. Find out where the dogs are raised by the owner. FaceTime or watch videos of the place where the Cavoodle puppies are born and grown! Anyone in the living room can take a cute picture or movie of the puppies. But where do they spend most of their time and days? They are raised in our home the whole time. They have cute, clean rooms just for puppies that are bright and special just for them! We breed all of our pups for a reason. All of our dogs either live with us or with guardians until they can find their forever homes. This gives them the chance to live with a family, be spoiled, and get good care. We love our dogs very much. The babies are cared for and socialised very well. We want to make sure that our dogs get the best care and the things they need to be great moms and have happy, healthy pups. The information about the next litter will say if our partner breeder is raising the litter.
DNA health tests through Embark and OFA tests have been done on all of our ponds. Testing with the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time, so many farmers don’t do it. “Health checked” or “vet checked” is not the same thing as DNA or OFA testing. A vet can’t just look at a dog and guess what genetic diseases it might have. They also can’t just look at a dog and guess what its hips, heart, knees, and patella’s look like without giving it anaesthesia for x-rays. We think this is one thing that makes us different from other producers. They are also DNA and OFA checked if we use our own stud. We will test the outside stud’s DNA, but we may or may not also test their OFA.
If you want to buy a puppy, you must make sure that both parents have had DNA and OFA tests. Dogs like Cavaliers and Retrievers often have heart problems, knee problems, and problems with their hips. Each breed has a set of genetic diseases that they are more likely to get. You don’t want to have to pay a lot of money for vet bills or lose your pet later on. That’s why we take the time and spend the money to make sure our dogs are healthy. Quality is very important to us.
Because we are not kennels and put the health and well-being of our mothers and puppies above all else, we only have a certain number of pups offered each year. You should book yours right away to make sure you don’t miss the chance to get a great new puppy.

We are Toy Cavoodle Home  and we have been raising quality Cavoodle Puppies, black cavoodle, brown cavoodle, red cavoodle, white cavoodle,golden cavoodle puppies since 2013. Our cavoodle breeders specialize in Standard and Mini cavoodle, Standard and Toy cavoodle, and Standard and Miro cavoodle puppies. 


Instead of saying good bye, Toy Cavoodle Home assists your parenting all the way.