Make sure you get the cavoodle puppies for sale of your dreams and reserve one from our next litter! We offer distinct toy cavoodle puppies for sale that are sure to leave even the pickiest pet owner satisfied.


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HERA The Brave

Teacup Cavoodle puppies for sale 

  • Age: 14 Weeks 
  • Status: Available
  • Sex: Female
  • Est. Size: 8-15 lbs
  • Status: Available
  • F1b Teacup Cavoodle

What’s Included: Vaccination Certificate, Vet Record, Toys, Food Samples, & Lifetime Health Guarantee


YORI The Clever

Black Cavoodle puppies for sale 

  • Age: 13 Weeks 
  • Status: Available
  • Sex: Male
  • Est. Size: 6 -15 lbs
  • Status: Available
  • F1b Teacup Cavoodle

What’s Included: Vaccination Certificate, Vet Record, Toys, Food Samples, & Lifetime Health Guarantee

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BRANDY The Playful

Cavoodle puppies for sale 

  • Age: 14 Weeks 
  • Status: Available
  • Sex: Female
  • Est. Size: 6 -15 lbs
  • Status: Available
  • F1b Teacup Cavoodle

What’s Included: Vaccination Certificate, Vet Record, Toys, Food Samples, & Lifetime Health Guarantee


Cavoodle puppies for sale Melbourne | Cavoodle puppies for sale Sydney

We are Toy Cavoodle Home  and we have been raising quality Cavoodle puppies for sale—black cavoodle, brown cavoodle, red cavoodle, white cavoodle,golden cavoodle puppies—since 2013. Our cavoodle breeders specialize in Standard and Mini cavoodles, Standard and Toy cavoodles, and Standard and Miro cavoodle puppies. 
All of our Cavoodle puppies for sale are bred with the best traits in mind: temperament, outstanding conformation, and socialization. Most importantly, we believe in doing everything possible to provide you with healthy and happy Cavoodle puppies
At Toy Cavoodle Home all of our breeding stock is registered, DNA tested, and OFA certified. This ensures that your Cavoodle is of the highest quality. We are committed to research, development, and improving the Cavoodle Puppies breeds. We love what we do and have lots of experience to share. We have a wonderful staff that is devoted to helping us produce happy, healthy, and well-socialized doodles raised in a home environment. 
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The Best by Far!!

Toy Cavoodle Home Breeder is by far the BEST!!

The work that Toy Cavoodle Home did for us was fantastic. They continued to be prompt and helpful even after we had brought Helen home. She is kind, and we think she will be a wonderful addition to our family. Please accept my gratitude once again, Fiona and Robert.

Lauren Fernando - Balladoran NSW / 14 January 2020

Masha is wonderful!

We made the right choice when we picked Toy Cavoodle Home!

Our lovable Cavoodle Puppy, who we have affectionately named Bella, has completely won over both of our hearts. Being in her company is always a pleasure. She is not just beautiful, but also inquisitive and bright, making her the personification of a dream come true. We are thankful to Fiona and Robert for their assistance.

Alannah Devine - Walang NSW / 12 July 2020

Amazing Experience with Toy Cavoodle Breeder

We looked all over the internet for a cavaloodle breeder and finally found Toy Cavoodle Home. When we found their website and saw that they were a real breeder, we were so happy. From the start, they’ve been great to work with. She got back to us quickly when we had a question and was easy to get in touch with. It was great to be able to give us pictures of Emma for her first eight weeks. She is such a joy and a gift to us. Since we brought her home, she has been a healthy and happy dog. We’re so glad we found Toy Cavoodle Home. They are great breeders, and you can tell because of how good their puppies are.

Rebecca Lyttleton - Birnam, QLD / 28 December 2020

We loved our experience with Toy Cavoodle Home

On the 21st of January, 2021, we traveled to Toy Cavoodle Home in order to pick up our Cavoodle Puppy, Karl. He is a lovable little kitten that is doing wonderfully in his health care, and he brings joy to our household. Both Fiona and Robert were a pleasure to deal with and quickly responded whenever queries were raised. They were incredibly dependable, and they provided us with a great deal of helpful guidance on how to adopt and take care of our beautiful guy.

Levi Humphrey - Bungeet West VIC / 21st of January, 2021

Great experience, happy family! Toy Cavoodle Home

We were so excited to finally acquire our Cavoodle puppy that we drove for thirteen hours straight to get him!
The most wonderful kitty was a gift from Fiona and Robert. Gigi is without a doubt the cutest and most affectionate kitty that we have ever owned. I have given her the name “Giapatra” due to the fact that my wife carries her around like a prince. Simply pay a visit to Toy Cavoodle Home and have a conversation with Fiona if you are interested in acquiring genuine Cavoodle Puppies. She is quite impressive. Yes, I think you should do that.

Will Band - Conoble, NSW / 21 April 2021

We recently picked up our Cavoodle Puppy

Toy Cavoodle Home provided us with our new pet, a puppy. Our joy is beyond words right now. We had a terrible experience trying to go via another breeder, and we were reluctant to even try again, but the women at Toy Cavoodle Home made us feel more at ease almost immediately after we met them. They provided us with photographs, responded to the inquiries that we posed, and even came all the way to the airport to meet me when I went to pick up the baby. They provided a comforting blanket, some toys, as well as a goody bag for the occasion. As for the kitten, right from the beginning, he showed nothing but excellence.

Aliya Kennedy - Wellington, SA / 28 September 2021

Best Cavoodle Puppies Breeder Ever!

Our family truly missed having a companion to love and provide us company after the death of our dog, who had been with us for 15 years. We were overjoyed to locate a Cavoodle puppy since, in general, they are known for their outgoing nature, and our child is particularly fond of the breed. Throughout the entirety of the process of acquiring our Cavoodle puppy, Fiona and Robert performed an excellent job. She called us at the time she said she would, and she addressed all of our concerns and inquiries. Since we received our kitten when it was still in good health, we didn’t worry about its condition. Our family of six adores and really cares about Nova, and she has quickly become a member of the group.

Daniella Rosaleah / 13 November 2021
Because the Cavoodle does not have an abundance of energy, it does not require a significant amount of physical activity or a large area in which to run around. However, just like other dogs, they still need to get some exercise; a game of fetch on the floor or a quick walk will suffice to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Cavoodle pups are an excellent option for everyone, regardless of whether you live alone or have a family. Because of their easygoing temperament and the fact that they are always willing to help others, they are an excellent candidate for joining a family that already has children.They adore and are driven by the need for affection!
The coat of a Cavoodle may be straight, wavy, or curly. It is possible for the Cavoodle to be a black Cavoodle, a gold Cavoodle, a white Cavoodle, a chestnut and white Cavoodle, or a tri-color Cavoodle that is black, white, and tan.
The fact that the Cavoodle is half-poodle makes its fur more hypoallergenic than the fur of most other breeds of dog, which is one of the breed’s many wonderful qualities.


The Cavoodle Puppies weighs between 12 and 20 pounds and is between 12 and 14 inches tall, making it one of the tinier dog breeds. They are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a tiny Poodle and each parent contributes one half to the offspring. When it comes to teaching these adorable critters, the fact that they are both highly clever and eager to do what you ask makes for an excellent mix. The Cavoodles are known for their unconditional love for all people, their easygoing demeanor, and their unfathomable level of gentleness. They have cute, round faces; their bodies are compact and robust; their ears are large and floppy; and they have the ability to preserve their puppy appearance far into adulthood. The average lifespan of a Cavoodle is anywhere between 12 and 16 years.


Who We Are ? Toy Cavoodle Home ?

The first time our daughter expressed interest in getting a dog was when she requested that we get her one. I spent a lot of my childhood in Karama, NT, on my grandparents’ ranches, and ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for critters. Riding horses, milking cows, bottle-feeding newborn calves, gathering eggs, and playing with newborn lambs are some of the activities that stand out as some of my favorite childhood memories. But in all of the years that I’ve been an adult, I’ve never owned a pet of my own. After starting my own family and being in a position where I could devote a lot of time and care to a puppy, my wife and I decided to get our first pet. She was such a delight to be around and was the source of a great deal of happiness for us. After coming to the conclusion that I wanted to be able to provide the same happiness to other people, I began conducting study on breeding.

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Instead of bidding you farewell, the family at Toy Cavoodle Home offers their assistance in parenting throughout the entire process.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions from other Cavoodle lovers like you.

We appreciate your interest.
After you submit your Cavoodle puppy application, we will get in touch with you via phone or email within 24 hours. We will put you on the waiting list once we’ve determined that we’re a good fit for each other, you’ve paid the $500 deposit (applied to the total cost of the puppy), and the contract has been signed.
Miniature Cavoodle puppies for sale are $2,100 regardless of gender, coat color, markings, height, etc. While the exact weight range is between 15 to 25 pounds, the vast majority of our minis fall somewhere in that range.
All of our Cavoodle puppies, no matter their gender, color, markings, etc., weigh between 5 and 15 pounds and cost $2,900.

Puppies will receive the following:

  • Deworming medications at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age
  • First set of vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian 
  • Microchips with lifetime membership
  • Health Certificate after passing a thorough examination by licensed veterinarian 
  • Free 30-Day Pet Health Insurance through Trupanion (you may extend it at a discounted rate through Trupanion)
  • 2 year genetic health guarantee
  • Puppy Take Home Kit (see below)

You will need to schedule a vet appointment within 72 hours of receiving your puppy. The vet will also schedule the final rounds of vaccinations that are typically given three weeks apart. After the final set of vaccinations (at approx 14 weeks old), your puppy will be ready to touch the ground and explore his or her new world with you!


Of course!! Your dog will always be a member of our family in our eyes. We’re here to assist you raise a happy, healthy puppy for the rest of your lives. Many of these households have become close friends of ours as a direct result of this. Nothing but the best for you and your new family member is our sincere wish. We can’t wait to see new photos and videos of your fur pet! If you have any questions at any time, we are available to assist you out.


Each puppy will go home with a generous bag of necessities including the following:

  • Health certificate signed by a licensed vet
  • Vaccination and worming records
  • Microchip (lifetime pre paid) and info to register it in your name
  • Travel bag with lots of goodies
  •  A comfort scented blanket (with littermates and mama’s scents to help with transition from our home to yours)
  • Small bag of food
  • Toys (small nylabone, chew toys, etc)
  • Lots of instructions and helpful tips in a booklet we have made for you
  • If traveling by air, we will also send appropriate travel supplies
  • Free 30-day Pet Health Insurance (you may extend it at a discounted rate if you choose)
  • Tons of love from our home to yours

Yes, all of our Cavoodle puppies come with a one-year health guarantee against life-threatening and genetic illnesses (which is included in the contract), and we extend that to two years if they are fed a high-quality dog food of your choice (we can give some recommendations, or your vet can help with recommendations as well). This applies only if the puppies are fed a high-quality dog food during the first year of their lives.

Trusted Cavoodle  Breeders.

This devotion persists even in the presence of a prospective new owner. Our goal is to find our cherished pets loving, permanent homes in  Australia, and wherever else in the world.

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